Art and Leisure

Géraldine Tapissier Décorateur
Géraldine Tapestry Decorator Repair of armchairs, chairs… Making of curtains, cushions and decorative items.
Tel.: 06 83 14 91 26.

La Dame Ô Fleurs
Handbags, jewelry, accessories. Creations made in the old-fashioned way and by hand. Each piece is unique.

Jean-Pierre Dall’Anese
– Sculptor

– Painter

Association “Evasion”
Gym according to the Pilates method Beginners: Wednesdays at 5.30pm Salle des fêtes of Loubès-Bernac.
Advanced: Tuesdays at 8.30 pm Salle des fêtes
Tel.: 06 19 90 08 18

Société de Chasse de Loubès-Bernac
– Tel.: 05 53 94 76 35

Randonnées Loubès-Bernac

Hiking of about 12km, a little more than 3 hours of walking. The markings are blue and the difficulty is medium. Difference in altitude: 225 m